About me

Hello, my name is Yaroslav and I am also known as masterofsql. Originally I am from Kiev, Ukraine, but currently live in the United Kingdom. I am freelance web developer, Zend Certified PHP Engineer, and I also work as an IT Trainer for a private training company. I teach various technical subjects such as Web, Databases, Programming, Computing and Maths. For the previous 9 years I worked as an IT Lecturer at The Manchester College, where I coordinated a Higher Education programme. In addition to my MSc in Computer Science, I have recently completed a PGCAP course, which is equivalent to a Master’s Degree in Education. Since 2013 I have been a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and have also provided private tuition in my specialisms.


I enjoy creating web sites where science and programming meet art. Due to nature of my work, I travel a lot across the UK - and I like it. I consider myself to be very optimistic and a positive person with an excellent sense of humour. My next ambitions are to visit the Monaco Grand Prix, to explore Tokyo and New York, and to fly a fighter jet (or at least a hot air balloon). I like travelling, snowboarding, photography, video production, music, racing, and – most importantly – I do enjoy this life at its best!



Another one of my hobbies is making video clips. Why video? Well, we all have tens of thousands of great photos, which we see as often as… never. On the contrary, video can not only show the best photos, but also express emotions and tell a story.

Please, please, please – do not watch these on laptop speakers. Use either huge headphones (not earphones) or a proper sound system – music plays a very important part in the whole experience, but laptop speakers cannot play that properly. Full HD versions are available for download (here, here, and here), to watch on big screens.

Napoleon said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in this case, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Enough talking – see it yourself.